Time for another weigh on the babies.
Iris actually gained some weight! I’m so happy right now. Since I first got her and in the last two weighs she didn’t even weigh a gram, but today she weighs 4g. The same amount as Ollie did when they both first arrived, but I count any weight gain as a great sign. :) She also has really shiny eyes. wut.

Ollie has just grown like a weed. His last weight was 8g and he now weighs 29g. He was stressing out a lot this time (unlike Iris who poses for the camera like a diva) so I didn’t get to many photos of him, but look! he’s almost lost all of his black. He’s quite a different looking baby from his previous photos.
Iris weight: 4g
Ollie weight: 29g


I tried to take good pictures of all the fish, but they were being derps and hiding from the camera and th tank is still bubbly from changing water soooo…

Here’s some derpy photos.


Baby fish


The still unnamed betta boy. ^^ And his latest bubble nest. I destroyed his other when I did a water change.

His fins are uncurling more and he’s super inquisitive. Still hasn’t flared at me yet. Any ideas what I should name him? I’ve called him Youngjae, Henry, Ru, Rubi, Rosso, Gukkie, Inky, Jae, Veil, Freyr, Jiji, Kwonnie, Spot…lol. It changes daily.


(by bitanu100)


Favourites: The flying tree by Oliver Knott

Prolific Oliver Knott… and always with great results!


Sorry to spam with new tank pictures but the water cleared!





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He got angry when I accidentally woke him up and he reacted like a child throwing a temper tantrum. 




Dwarf gouramis, ember and rummy nose tetras in my newly planted tank