Water change day at the gorgeousgoldies’ household!

Hi all you Reptile Enthusiasts!

I now have another blog, happyherps , that will be specializing in only posting reptiles, amphibians, and insects! It’s being run by myself, my sister, and a friend who all either own reptiles and have experience, or who just know a heck load of info on these kinda of animals.

Please go check it out and enjoy all the posts of either our reptiles, or some that we enjoyed!


Emily (gorgeousgoldies)





me cleaning my fishtanks, AMIRIGHT peaceypanic

Loool yes

Reblogging again because I feel this so hard

Oh look, still true.







Divided 10 looks nice as always.

Are those vals? All of your plants are lovely!

Thank you! The long plant in the back is Cyperus helferi and it’s awesome.

Ok how do you keep it alive? Cause all the Cyperus I have in my divided 10 is starting to melt off

Dunno! I’ve always kept it in moderate light, dosed with flourish, and up until recently it was just in sand. But now it’s in fluorite! I have very soft water too so that might aid it a bit.

In fact it’s one of the only plants that’s survived for the 3+ years I’ve had my 10gal. :o

Ah, I have no idea if I have soft or hard water.

But I dose a couple times a week with flourish and every day with excel



Someday I hope to have an aesthetically pleasing tank. I don’t think it’s going to happen anytime soon, though. Seriously, how do you aquascape???

That driftwood tho!


Thinking of naming him Kratos after the character in God of War. I have never played the game myself, but it’s one of my brother’s favourite games and I think he would approve that it fits.


What a wierdo.


Water is looking pretty yucky but it should clear soon


Photographed by hannahremman




Incendiary the Thai Imported HMPK // Yellow Tiger Koi

Experimenting with gifs ~

Wow such sass!

Godamnit this is a pretty fish.


Moment of silence for all the bettas being shoved into tiny bowls by careless college students as the school year begins.


Look how pretty they are


I found photos my sister took of the little albino cories aND I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING?? JUST LOOK AT THEM.



Anonymous asked: Hi! I recently noticed my betta has these white spots (they aren't raised) only on his head. He also has a slight shimmer to him, I'm suspecting velvet, and he's kind of idle. How do I treat velvet? What the hell are the white spots?

I’m not too great at betta diseases, but I’ve done a bit of research, so let’s get started!

Velvet is usually more of gold fleck shimmery looking spots, is this what you’re seeing? If they’re more white and look maybe a bit fuzzy, it could be fungal. If none of these, it could just be your betta is changing colors? Like I said, I don’t have a lot of experience with bettas, but I’ll do my best to tag people to help. 

aquasplendens kai-ni bitter-notbetter AND I CAN’T REMEMBER WHO ELSE HAS BETTAS SO TAG YOURSELVES. 

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