Gorgeous Goldies
Hey fellow fish keepers! I'm just another fish obsessed girl (specifically goldfish) trying to make the world a better place with pictures of our favorite swimming friends!

Current tanks: 75-gallon tank with fancy goldfish, and a 20 gallon tropical community tank!

If you have any questions about goldfish, or any other species, don't be afraid to ask!

Pearl Gourami (by Alan Stuart)


If you see a dog in a closed box with hardly any air holes, what are you gonna do?

You’re gonna try and get the dog out and call the owner out on their animal mistreatment, right?

If you see a cat locked in a crate with feces all over the floor and all over the cat,…


Rani wanted me to show you all his tank n.n

Current 5gal setup.

I used the hairdryer (bc I wanted to go home) so I feel like the pthalo blue didnt move as much as I wanted

Just a picture of the SeBUTT



We cant be friends if you say things like, “its just a fish”

Im going to cry if this gets to 1000

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Friendly little fatfeesh reminds you to smile.
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